Mark II

Post 3: Version 2.0 of this project was built at the 2016 Nasa Space apps and it was called E.C.H.I.M.P which stands for EEG Controlled Heads up display Module Package. (post coming soon)

2nd Place @ 2016 NASA International Space Apps Challenge: Boston

2016 NASA ISAC Project Page

Project/ISAC Photos

Mark III

Post 4: R.I.G Version 3.0

Coming Soon

Thoughts and Notes

As I progress through my other projects and engineering classes I am able to come back to this project and add more and more to it over time. My plan is eventually create a usable prototype for me to use and test in my other projects.
Example: When I’m working on my motorcycle I’m constantly looking up parts, diagrams and videos. If I can create a prototype of rigs and use it when working on my motorcycle to have my tools communicate with my system and be able to look up real time information without have to stop what I’m doing, I can refine the user experience.